A book by Chuck McCutcheon

Global warming is one of the most talked-about science subjects today. This book helps young readers ages 9 and older understand the issue.

Each chapter is written in an easy to understand question-and-answer format and includes numerous photos, charts and graphics. The information aligns with the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other scientists: that most of the warming observed over the last half-century is due to humans and that the impacts will be significantly negative. The book includes several hands-on activities as well as interviews with young people who are concerned about what is happening and doing something about it.

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  1. Your book has been an invaluable tool for all of us at ClimateMama in our presentations and talks to parents and parent groups on the reality of climate change.We feel confident that we are presenting fact-based information which you have put together in one place, from reliable and trusted sources, that we can count on. Love the “hands on activities” and hearing directly from kids on what matters to them and how they are taking charge! Great resource. Thank you.

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